Baile-na-Cille Newsletter 2019


An Innkeeper Writes

As an innkeeper, you have been there for about 150 years (actually a big welcome to our 40th season - Ed.)  Isn't there anything new at Baile na Cille?

Yes, the pace of change is slow out here. There are some better roads out of Stornoway (where we all need to get!) including the new 3m pound Enaclete bypass  . Also quite a few upgrades . Fairly new are the tennis court in bumpy grass and the bar billiards table for wet days and evenings. But the way of life, the beaches, birds, wild flowers and seals hardly change at all. It is an area where mainland problems of crime, travel and healthcare do not exist. Here the big issue is whether we should have flights and ferries on a Sunday...


Is it true that you welcome Children, Dogs, Grannies and even…. Pilots??

Britain is the only country to try to ban children from many  hotels.  If you did this on the grounds of race, religion or physical infirmity you would soon be in jug. For children it’s a case of “We would like to help you son, but you are too young to vote”.  Amazingly those who dislike children were once (and I discovered this by careful research) children themselves.
We do have 3 sitting rooms and 4 staircases each with small groups of separate bedrooms including 2 family suites, the  children’s rooms at a major discount. No one loses peace and quiet and mum and the family  get to have a holiday!! Granny often comes too, and Mrs G. , a keen aviatrix, especially welcomes pilots! This area is, of course, Dog Paradise.

Is it true that you keep sheep and yet mow the lawn?!

Yes!! Our walled flower garden (the finest and, indeed, the only garden in Western Timsgarry) is now well established (New Zealand tree fern a recent hit) as a haven for guests and staff. But sheep, however beautiful, are banned.  As are rabbits! The newly recruited Atco Royale 24E takes care of the tennis, croquet and garden lawns and handles like a bad tempered TVR.

Are there 24 white sand beaches in your area?

Well actually there are more, so you can always find a wonderful beach to yourself.

Got a proper Wine List yet? And by the way mines a large G and T.

Lots of wine at just two prices ( at £10.50 and £14.50 ). You just help yourself.  Lots of  booze as well. Cheers!

What’s the Uig area of Lewis like?

Wonderful; a very secret 200 square miles of wilderness; hills and cliffs to climb, standing stones, brochs,  Viking remains: the Lewis chessmen were found here and brought to this house (once a Viking  Mens’ Club), lochs to fish, lots & lots of walks. This is a Presbyterian island where Sunday remains a special day . As dinner cooks of somewhat advancing age, we now have a night each week when our dining room is closed (just ask on arrival) and there are lots of alternative eateries on the island for you to try.

The map on the left shows the nearby village of Timsgarry. We are closer to the coast to the west.

Please note also that you should not trust your Sat Nav to bring you to Baile na Cille using our HS2 9JD postcode. Various Sat Navs from older BMWs to brand new Tom Toms take you anywhere from 1/2 mile to over 50 miles away! We are on the beach at Timsgarry on the South West coast of Lewis (NOT Skye!!). We are reached on the B8011 from near Callanish Stones. After about 18 miles on this road, at the end of Glen Bhaltos with high rocks above, you take the 2nd road on the right (signed just 'Timsgarry') and we are then the 2nd track on the left with the big Baile na Cille sign. Google Maps has "The restaurant" in the right location but the guest house is actually in the same place NOT near the old post office 1/2 mile away as shown on Google Maps!